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SunTrust Custom Choice Loan: Private Student Loan Details and Review

SunTrust Custom Choice Loan Reviewed

Getting started working towards a degree is consistent hard work and can often cost a lot of money. There are a number of student loan programs out there as well as scholarships, if you are lucky enough to receive one. When looking into student loan programs, it is important to choose the right program that fits your educational needs. A great example would be the SunTrust private student loan product Custom Choice Loan for undergraduates and graduate students.

SunTrust has loan programs for both graduates and undergraduate students, all with their own specific benefits, depending on which program is selected. The Custom Choice Loan can help fill the gap when grants, scholarships, and federal loans just are not enough. This loan program features competitive interest rates as well as several payment options and choices of rate type, either variable or fixed. Once approved for this loan program, you can compare the loan different options in order to determine the direct impact to your monthly payments as well as the overall cost of the loan. Another benefit to this program is it offers the students a grace period, normally six months. This allows them to either pay in segments or save up and pay it off within those six months. As an added bonus, there will also be a graduation gift, which is rewarded to the student upon their graduation from the university.

Review complete loan rates, data and details for the Custom Choice Loan at the SunTrust Education Webportal.

Another loan program available form SunTrust is their Graduate Business School Loan. This loan program is designed specifically to help students that are enrolled in a graduate level business curriculum to cover student costs. With this loan program, there is no origination, application or prepayment fees. Some options that are available with this program include the ability for the student to choose what is best for them. Upon their approval, calculator within the online application will allow the applicants to see the impact of their loan option selections to the future payments and total cost. Students can either select full deferment or they can select to make interest only payments while in participating in the normal school semester. The grace period for this program is generally six months, just like the Custom Choice Loan.

The SunTrust website is formatted for convenience and ease of access to everyone. From the home page, “Featured Content” is displayed front and center, most of which is helpful hints and tips when using their website. The home page appears to resemble other company home pages, including Wells Fargo. This makes it feel familiar to the everyday user. Moving from the home page, the four tabs located at the top of the page will bring the user to the specifics about each of their offered loan programs available at the time. Loan programs are created or changed often and thus the website is updated once these programs have been approved. Another convenient feature is that the site can easily be accessible in English or in Spanish with the simple click of the mouse.

Contact SunTrust Student Loans toll free at 1-866.232.3889

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