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Alternative Student Loans for College Financial Aid


PNC Solution Loans™: 2015 Private Loan Review & Details

PNC’s extensive Education Loan Center now provides a helpful Chart comparing/contrasting Federal loans and Private loans, explaining each loan’s cost, limits, differences, benefits and more. Private loans for college are credit based as is:

The PNC Solution Loan
With this loan borrowers can now decide and choose a variable rate, or fixed interest rate! This private loan also has a co-signer release option after 48 on-time payments.  PNC classifies this loan by a student's year and field of study:

-Undergraduate private loan; enrolled in accredited school at leaf half time.
-Graduate/Professional private loan; Graduate students, post-grad, masters, phd candidates.
-Medical Residency (MD, DDS, DO and DVM); funds cover interview, relocation and living expenses.
-Bar Study Loan for students enrolled half time or more at an ABA-accredited law school. 

Credit Requirements:
Applicant needs to have a minimum of Two (2) years with a satisfactory credit history, and 2 years continuous income and employment.
Apply with a Co-signer! Minors under 18 years must apply with a creditworthy cosigner. Students who apply with a credit-worthy co-signer can increase their chance of approval.

RATE summary
Variable rate loan interest rates start as low as 3.46% (3.39% APR)*
Fixed rate loan interest rates start as low as 6.49% (6.23% APR)*

*Review complete loan details, rates and product data; or begin an application online at PNC here:

PNC loan specialists are available to assist you by dialing the toll free number 1-800-762-1001

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