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Alternative Student Loans for College Financial Aid


Discover Student Loans: Private Loan Details and Review

Discover© offers several private student loans tailored for Undergraduates, Graduates, Health Professions, Law, Bar Exam, MBA and Medical Residency students.

During your years enrolled in school, did you ever think to yourself, “I wish I could get paid for earning good grades?!” With the Discover undergraduate and graduate student loan programs, you can. For both undergrad and grad loan programs, any student receiving a grade point average of a 3.0 or better will receive a one percent cash reward on each new student loan.

The loan programs for both types of students will cover up to 100% of school-certified costs. There are no additional fees that are associated with most Discover loans such as no origination or applications fees. There are also no late payment fees if you fall behind on repayment. When applying for these loans, Discover understands this should be a simple, secure process and provides ability for Students and parents to apply online or the phone in only a few minutes. Sign the loan documents online or scan them and then email them to Discover. Then, once your application has been reviewed and accepted, you’re all set! A credit worthy co-signer usually increases a borrower’s loan application Approval, while decreasing the interest rate of the loan

The Discover Undergraduate student loans complement federal student loans and other financial aid in order to help you pay for the full cost of today’s college education. Applying online is very easy and U.S. based Student Loan Specialists are available throughout to give personalized support to those that may have questions

Discover Graduate Loans offer grad students private student loans that are designed for candidates pursuing their masters and doctorate degrees. With this private loan program, the students and parents are given the same benefits as the undergraduate loan programs with a couple of additional benefits. Some of these additional benefits include the choice of in-school or deferred repayment options as well as a .25% Auto Debit Reward. One thing to keep in mind when considering Discover as your place for graduate loan programs is that if you need a student loan to cover your graduate health professions, law, or business school expenses, Discovery has other private student loans that are specifically designed for those expenses.

Overall, I felt that the website did a great job explaining their application process and the highlights of each loan program. Listing out the majority of Private Student Loan Features was informative and clear great.  detail the page is a great help to students and parents alike when deciding which loan program to choose, if any.

Discover student loans are now available to undergraduate and graduate students for 2014-2015 semesters. Read more or apply at the Discover Student Loan center online Here


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